Chief: Frank Gionette

Website: Mississauga First Nation Fire Department


MFN employees a Fire Chief to coordinate a volunteer Fire Department.


A community that is safe from the devastating impact of fire, accidents/mishaps, or natural disasters.


To serve and protect the Mississauga First Nation by providing emergency response to fire, accidents/mishaps, or natural disasters and a dedication to the promotion of fire and safety and prevention by:

  • Providing 24 hour, seven days a week emergency response to any fire, accident/mishap, or natural disaster that may occur with in the Mississauga First Nation territory and/or surrounding areas.
  • Participating and promoting fire safety and prevention awareness by attending community events;
  • Maintaining a positive working relationship with other agencies to ensure that the maximum level of protection is assured to the Mississauga First Nation and its members/community; and,
  • Being visible to the community through actively training and maintaining a high level of readiness for any emergency.

OFC Course Catalog

Please review the Ontario Fire College course catalog document for 2015-2016.  Contained in this document is the listing of courses we could potentially host in our district.

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In operation since 1949, the Ontario Fire College’s primary mandate is to meet the education and training needs of the Ontario fire service. As of April 2014, the Ontario Fire College will offer education and training programs based mostly on the National Fire Protection Association – Professional Qualifications Standards.